Sunday, 3 January 2010

Nowhere Boy

So, first things first, I feel I must say sorry. I have been truely awful at posting. Mainly because my camera broke and then when I got a working memory card for it, I realised I had left the charger in Liverpool and the battery was dead. Yes, very smart of me. The other reason of course, is that is has been Christmas, so I have been busybusy catching up with chumlings and family, and unfortunatly, I have been way too busy with uni work.

Secondly! Happy New Year!! And I hope you all had a lovely, joyous little Christmas time!I love Christmas, a little too much, maybe. It was nice to have a white chritsmas this year, but at the risk of sounding like scrooge, I'm kind of sick of the cold now, so please get warm. Thank you weather.

I went to see Nowhere Boy the other day. Tori told me it was excellent and I was hoping it would be, but a bit worried as when people give me their opinion on a film, the expectations somewhat ruin them for me. However, Tori was not wrong. I loved it. I love Liverpool and it made me miss it, and secondly because I love that whole decade so really it was a winner from the start! After watching it, I had the biggest urge to don some red I did.

I highly recommend you go see it if you haven't. I realise this is hypocritical of me, as I am giving you my opinion and therefore building up your expectations. Sorry for this!




Also, my mum has offered to take me to London to see the Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A. Exciting. I feel very 50s/60s inspired at the moment.
What you consider to be your favourite era?


emily said...

hmmm... i like the 20's, and the whole flapper-vibe that goes with it. ;)

LML said...

just by the looks of the first boy...i want to see this!

Alex Dom said...

i must watch!

silk ties said...

I ll defenetly going to see that!

Milo Vile said...

Zareklamuj bloga tu i tu za darmo