Monday, 14 January 2008

A Week of Outfits: Day 1

Not quite Face Hunter Standard, but we try. Me and Pamela are going to photograph our college outfits everyday this week as we have noticed there aren't many photos of clothes that actually belong to us. We aim to remedy this. Hence A Week of Outfits begins. And day 1 is as follows:

PamelaBoots - Zara, Legginngs - Miss Selfridge, Skirt - George at Asda (heck yes), Shirt - Vintage, Belt - Primark, Jacket - Topshop.

Shoes - MK One (Oh My), Jeans - Zara, blue dress - h&m, green skirt - h&m, Belt - Vintage, floral blouse - h&m, green tshirt - Topshop, necklace - Debenhams perhaps.

Yes that is a garage door. Classy.

1 comment:

susie_bubble said...

Wowee... love the way you've really gone for the layering in your last outfit!