Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A Week of Outfits: Day 2

Another day, another outfit. Well obviously. The Tshirt says 'Gummy Bears Scare Me' Hilarious.


Trainers - New Look, Jeans - Zara, Belt - vintage, T-shirt - David and Goliath, Stripey Under T-shirt - Primark, Shrug Cardigan - H&M, Various Bracelets - H&M, Miss Selfridge, Next and Necklace - from a childrens set of plastic jewellry which was won from a Christmas Party Game!

Susan. I don't usually wear this much pink. It wasn't planned.

Boots - Primark, jeans - Warehouse, Skirt - h&m, Long sleeve pink - Dorothy Perkins (I never think about it but that name is actually very funny), Pink short sleeve - h&m, Gold and black striped - Primark, necklaces - Primark and my nan.

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