Tuesday, 8 January 2008

This year I will mostly be wearing....

Anything that remotely resembles anything here. I'm going to look like some kind of feathery circus pirate. Well it can't be helped, the heart wants what it wants.Stuff like this but a lot cheaper. If it were to cross my path I would not ever say no you know.
I'm very much liking this whole neo-hippy, boho-tec, whatever hyphenated word you wish to apply, business. Its kind of girly but you still maintain the agression of the s&m trend of last season. Well that's what I'm saying anyway. I just hope to gosh and heck that primark doesn't have another influx of pattern mania again, it gave me a frickin headace you know. Some nice florals and some kind of military item would be lovely. Oh Agyness why do you grimace so?

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