Tuesday, 15 January 2008

And I Wonder...

Robert Cavalli '08
Versace '08
Can't resist a man in a suit!
Alessandro Dell'Acqua '08
Alexander McQueen '08
The male models in Alexander McQueen's A/W show chilled me to the bone, one in particular looked as though he was about 80 and going to collapse of exhaustion and old age at any second. Scary stuff i tell you!
Gucci '08
Moschino '08
Neil Barrett '08
Although it was all monochrome, the zips and leather gloves and boots really gave the show a proper manly sense and a tad hardcore angry vibe, if you know what i mean.. The kind of clothing i dream my knight in leather armour would wear whence rescuing me from the top of a dragon guarded tower. I'm a bit of a romantic, which is why, I conclude, that i love this collection.

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