Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Yeah I've got a sock on my head. What of it?

I fear the Topshop website has become my second home. As a mere pauper on the fashion chain I cannot hope to afford anything other than sale prices but it can't hurt to look.
Well actually it can. This goes on your head. Yes. Quite.I'm strangely drawn to it but I know it will show of the shape of my skull which is never an incentive to buy anything. I will tell you what I do Love though. All of the below:
Much in the vein of my previous post I need a skirt like all of these but as the prices start at £18 for the top left one I plan to make my own. This may never come to fruition, like the time I was going to make my prom dress and when I was going to set up an ebay business, buying white skinny jeans and dying them to sell for a mighty profit. But I want to tie dye a skirt so in my mind, that's one step on the ladder of achievement.


buttonsandstars said...
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buttonsandstars said...

The floral tiered one is my favourite! I'm trying to shy away from twee things at the moment though. I'm just feeling far too girly!

emsie said...

i know what you know about topshop prices! i can't really afford anything apart from sale items