Sunday, 20 January 2008

A Week of Outfits: Day 4........On day 7

Well it was to be expected, I failed, it is now Sunday and I am only just posting Thursday's outfit. We didn't even go to College on Thursday, we went shopping and it chucked it down. That is why the garage door, lovely though it is, has been replaced with my soon to be demolished kitchen. We are destroying it next weekend, can't wait you know. Anyway Friday's outfits don't even exist, well we have no photographic evidence that they do anyway. Our blog is a secret, only me and Pamela know about it and we literally had no time to take a photo when it wouldn't have raised questions.

ANYWAY enough rambling from me.


Shoes - primark, leggings - H&M, skirt - primark, top with diamondy detail- urban outfitters, checked vest top underneath - H&M, cardi - primark and belt - vintage


Boots - primark, tights - m&s possibly, skirt - my mum's from the good old 80's, blue top - h&m, dress (tucked in) - tesco!, scarf - a gift from a friend, yes I have friends!

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