Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A Week of Outfits: Day 3

lI'm shocked we've kept this up because I'm a lazy hecker. But we have. For your viewing pleasure we have these attractive images, keeping the garage door as a kind of signature backdrop. Oh dear that's quite embarassing, we will become known for a garage door. It is a nice shade of blue though... Anyway.


Trainers - Gola, tights - topshop, Skirt - h&m, boob tube - h&m, check shirt - h&m, mandigan (this is our amalgamated word of man and cardigan) - Primark


Shoes - primark, tights - m&s, dress (Pamela's) emilyandfin (from the clothes show live), Long stripy top - primark
I was wearing shorts under the dress so during english I walked out, took off my dress and came back in wearing shorts and a tshirt. Suffice to say no one cared.

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