Friday, 23 May 2008

Sales and Charity Shops.

So much for not shopping for a while! I decided not to take any money into town because otherwise I would just spend it, logical thinking. Only were theres a cash machine theres a way. Damn it. (sorry the pictures aren't too good, my sister ran off to Cyprus with the camera for 3weeks so I have to use my phone!)

The reason why I wasn't meant to shop was because I finally bought this playsuit off the Topshop website, see this is what happens when I have no exams and I'm still on study leave. So today I bought these. The white t-shirt and skirt are from Topshop (again) and the necklace is from Oxfam. They were in the sale so I feel a little better about it!

The dress is from Scope. I plan to take it up a bit as it falls to the knee, but it may take a while for me to get around to that.



e.jay said...

I really wish we had these stores in the US, or at least where I live. Definitely must find the US equivalent.

parmaviolet said...

aww i nearly got that topshop bandage skirt too! I loved it but at the time i had no money and when i went back it was gone. :(. maybe it jsut wasnt meant to be!

oh and the shoes you asked about. They are form TKMAXX but i think originally they were from Dune. But im upset cos they gave me nast blisters.

Winnie said...

Oooh loving the skirt, and the playsuit looks great on you!

Gloria said...

the necklace is from Oxfam? that is so awesome!