Saturday, 3 May 2008

Angie Harmon

Another woman i discovered today and think is stylish. Quite a different style to Ebony Bones but it's nice to mix it up is it not? The woman in question is Angie Harmon. I'd never ever heard of her before today, whilst surfing the net, although i did recognise her. I'm not really sure if she's well known in America or not, she's been quite a few American tv shows you see, it might even be shameful that i think she's stylish she's probably a laughable celebrity in the states.

Anyway, she was a model and featured in runways for Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and has appeared on the cover of Elle, Cosmopolitan and Esquire in the 90's. Also Harper's Bazaar...

She's currently 35 with two kids and married somekind of American sportsman, who by-the-by proposed to her on the Jay Leno show as a surprise. She's now an actress rather than a model, embarrasingly i believe where i recognise her from is her most well known movie Agent Cody Banks, oh the shame! I have only seen it once and that was a long long time ago in my tweenage years. Angie is in Women's Murder Club on ABC in America at the momento. Can't say i'm too bothered about watching any of her acting, the roles she's choosing aren't brilliant in my personal opinion, she was in Baywatch for heaven's sakes! I still like her though.

Above - with Rosaria Dawson and whatsherface from Phantom of the opera. Below - dressed in Oscar de la Renta.

Above - with her husband in a Gap Campaign for winter '07. Below- 1st photo at an avant-garde gala, 2nd photo at a cocktail partay, 3rd photo at a charity event and last but by no means least at a Prada event in a stunning dress, this photo being the reason for this post, i'm gutted i couldn't find a bigger photo so apologies.

Above - I don't know where this was worn, i got all the images from Google and IMDB.

Though her style is not me at all she's really elegant, something i'll probably never be able to pull off, i admire her because she still takes some risks in her style. She keeps it simple but the Prada dress for example is slightly risky. This is what i hope to be sort of like when I'm 35, probably slightly more colourful and, for want of a better word, 'quirky' but basically i wish to have elegance!

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shawna said...

She's best known here in the States for playing a popular ADA on the television series "Law & Order" :)