Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Simplizing myself.

Its is summer. The GMTV people told me it would reach 70 degrees by the end of this week. Me and a friend decided this was farenheit, not celsius, on account of the fact that water boils at 100 deggrees celsius so we would probably all die.

People at college have suddenly decided a bit of sunshine means full summer garb can be donned. We've seen people wearing skirts!! It's a miracle. Skinny jeans, a nice top, cardigan and/or a fake/real (depending on how rich you are) leather jacket and (most likely Ugg) boots or ballet shoes are usually the order of the day. What a refreshing change.

To me the sun means I have to cut down on layers. Let's just say exposure of flesh is not my friend.

Heck that was a ramble.

Here is Tuesday's outfit. 1 layer kids!

I wish this top was just that little bit longer, you know? As I do love the mix of tan and deep red, though I think the blue workd ok. I didn't wear the boots to college as I it is not wise for me to wear heels out and about due to my lack of balance and apalling centre of gravity. OMG someone was wering the same top as me!! Granted it was in grey but that is not the point. We had English together and thank god we don't sit next to each other any more. This has never happened before, tis a strange feeling. But me and Wendy-May have often worn similar outfits. Maybe I'm just getting too predictable?!

A little bit of inspiration goes a long way:

She is a genius, we all know this. I'm guessing you have all seen the fashion156 shoot. If not go now! go now! go now! It is imperative as it is superly splendid.


Winn said...

great interpretation!

parmaviolet said...

wow great interpretation! yeh im noticing more people emerging in skirts and IS a nice change.

I hate seein people in the same stuff as me though too! its like NO! thats mine!

Not oing anythin for my birthday near it (in the middle of my GCSEs :o) But a month later at the end of june me and my mates are having a huge thing 3 parties in a row at each of our houses)

But yeh susie bubble is a genious! And i finally got round to seeing her fashion shoot on fashion 156. I kept forgetting!

yiqin; said...

I hate seeing people wearing the same stuff as me too! Especially when my friend tells me I'll be like :S Anyway, love the combination of tan and red too! The colors look so good on you!