Monday, 26 May 2008

Group Photo!

i have been entirely rude. Not posting, not commenting. Heck. I got carried away by having so much free time but have now decided I probably should revise coz, you know, don't want to fail in life and stuff.
But check these out, just lovely. I have a photo of my friends that is similar to the 4th one but this makes me want to take more. You've got to love a good group photo.

According to The Kills song Cheap and Cheerful 'you can't survive on ice cream' - oh I beg to differ. I'll show them.
Sandra Freij from Photo Decadent.


Winnie said...

Some great group shots. They make me want to take some interesting photos of my friends! Lots to be taken this summer for you and me both I expect! Good luck with the revision and exams!

lola729 said...

omg i luv those dresses and the hair in the last pic!

parmaviolet said...

greatphotos. i always wish i could take cool ones like that of all my friends. never quite work though.

shall have to set my task in the summer to so

discothequechic said...

haha, yes clearly jamie and alison haven't discovered the joys of a tub of ben and jerrys and a good film.

lovelove these pics..what it is about fashion in numbers? everything is so much better.

yiqin; said...

SO pretty!