Sunday, 11 May 2008

Just Another Ebay Dilemma.

I really don't know what to do so please help. I really want both these items from Ebay but can only afford the one. The floral playsuit ends in 3 days but is currently cheaper than the skirt. But the skirt ends in a day. So the playsuit could end up being more expensive. Also i already have like 5 denim skirts, on the other hand the playsuit could possibly be too small for me. Argh Dilemma! I have no clue what to do.

I'm rather stressed if you cannot already tell, my exams start tomorrow and i don't feel prepared at all. This ebay business is just adding to it all aswell. All i am doing today is revising so hopefully by tomorrow i will have calmed a bit andd decided which item to purchase. I would really appreciate some help in the decision making though!


selinaoolala said...

if you have 5 denim skirts couldn't you just get a bit of material and hand sew some floral fabric on and old one yourself? then you could get the cute jumpsuit as well as having a cute skirt :)

Wendy-May said...

what a pickle pammy! i say bid on the skirt, see if get it and if u do dont bid on the playsuit, if you do dont bid on the playsuit!I cant say either as I'd love to borrow both!
I am not ready for tomorrow! i am currently sat in my garden and i have been for 3 hours doing revision! xx

Denise said...

i like the skirt its soo unique!!

Wendy said...

I would go for the playsuit, but thats just because I'm biased.