Monday, 19 May 2008

Volume 2

I have now finished my exams until my drama exam in 2 weeks, so I am up and posting once more! Earlier Susan posted some pictures we took one fine day at my home and here are some more of them. Being the fool I am, I somehow lost a load of them though, and these are all I could find. Enjoy. This weekend the three of us ventured up to the Spring Festival, which takes place in Pammy and Susans village. Spring Festival is a folk fesitival complete with Morris dancers, stalls and a circus tent!Last year we attempted the uni-cycle, unfortunatly this year we missed that part of the day. It was delighful despite the weather, which makes me feel as if we are in the middle of autumn, not heading into the summer time! It better buck up its ideas otherwise we will all be cooped up during our exam leave, and no one wants that now.


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Winn said...

Love that skirt in the first picture, Is is H&M?