Sunday, 4 May 2008

One Crazy Lady!

I need to stop writing about women in fashion!

I'm avoiding doing revision, i know i'm going to fail my exams but i get distracted easily. The allure of the internet is too much for me, i have to give in.
So the crazy lady i'm talking about is indeed Betsey Johnson. I usually don't bother looknig at her collections because none of it really appeals to me but today is different it seems, i'm loving the tacky shizzzz. Most of it is just ridiculously unwearable for me but if ever i can afford and i'm in a eccentric mood, i will go to Betsey.
All the glasses are awesome as are the tights. And some of the shoes. T'would be amazing if i dared wear the outfits. I'd wear a lot of the pieces seperately but probably wouldn't dare wear it all together.


jenny h. said...

betsy johnsons outfits are always crazy.

thats why i love her!

Reggie said...

i love bestsy! her clothes are so daringly tacky that they work! haha


Kool Thing said...

The thing I like about Betsey is the fact that she's not trying to be "out there". She's just making trashy clothes that appeal to her. And Susan, You just install the code on your blog (Add HTML element on the change layout page) and you can read heaps of pointless statistics about your traffic.

She's Dressing Up said...

I LOVE this collection!

deexdeexdreamer said...

haha this made me lol- i may have to do my AS exams again, blame luella :P nice to know im not the only one who wears my ole brownies jumper every now and then!

Winn said...

I'm in love with that last image. I hate exams, I'm meant to be revising but its not happening!

Wendy said...

My friend is insanely obsessed with BetseyJ and we end up talking about it all through math class... such a bad habit.