Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I Must Confess

I am indeed referring to Britney's classic, before the crazee days she did release some right corkers!, Hit Me Baby One More Time. I saw the video today for the first time in ages, that's what it's like at my college. I don't know about yours but the girls do wear tiny skirts and tied shirts all the time, it's the social norm apparently. Obviously i don't conform, but Susan on the other hand, you've seen her profile, she likes the tied shirt look! hardyha.

Hi, I'm Pamela and i'm addicted to borrowing clothes. (Applause). Thanks for the support guys!

I confess it, all i do is borrow Susan, Sister B's and Sister W's clothes. Most of my oufits include an item that's not mine. Today i went all out and decided to only wear my vest top and belt. I think if your gonna do it, you might as well go for it. The jeans, gold top and under vest top are not my own. Well it's not like i'm gonna refuse if they're offering!

I realise the first photo is blurry but it looked better than the other one i took from that angle, not that i'm a pro or anything. The last photo is the detail of my outfit, which gathered mainly around the waist area. Due to the chilly weather that Susan reported on in the previous post i wore many a-layer today. 5 infact. Layering is our game. It's official.

Gold wrap top - Dorothy Perkins, Checked vest top - H&M, Undervest top - Primark, Belt - Vintage, Stripey Trousers - H&M.

Now to my psychology's 10.30 in the evening so wish me luck getting that finished!


Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

well, at least you're not borrowing from your mom (guilty).

Reggie said...

I love this, i absolutley love this!