Thursday, 17 April 2008

Honey I Shrunk my skirt!

Or at least I tried! I bought this skrit from H&M and I tried to shrink it as its rather big! The shrinking didnt have much effect, if anyone has any ideas of how to do it I'd be trés grateful!
So this week Pammy gave me this item from River Island to incorporate into my outfit.

I wore it with knee high socks, purple tights from Primark, and my top half is all Topshop-I've just realised! Again I didn't really dress for the weather but I put on a pair of long gloves - or "arm warmers"- from Marks and Spencers and I was ready to go!
Yesturday I managed to rip my vertical striped tights from Oasis before I had enough worn them, hopefully if I wear them with black ones underneath you wont be able to see the actually ladder as much!


Molly :] said...

Must. have. the. skirt! [H&M]
how much was it?
its gorgeous!
And i love the outfit, very colourful! :) x

e.jay said...

Beautiful! I love it! That looks like what I'd wear if I had more socks :-( I need more socks!

coco said...

I think shrinking of clothes must be something that only happens when you don't want it too!

kirsty said...

wow that skirt is really nice, quite surprising for river island, love the way you put the outfit together with the socks over the tights.

maybe you should just take the skirt in rather than try to shrink it?

Adele said...

omg i love that skirt!x