Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Totally Addicted

I have loads of coursework to do. Instead all i have done is read thousands of blogs and internet shop. It's addictive! I am actually hooked. When i do eventually sit down to work i just daydream about possible outfits i could wear. College are just going to have to appreciate that i have an addiction that i could never give up, even if my work starts to suffer.
Anyhow, these are some shoes i have put on my wishlist, i could live with one or the other as they're reasonably similar in that they're both neutral coloured heels. I found them at urbanoutfitters.com, they're also both Frye Agatha so quite expensive for me.

I'm also now quite obsessed by Thigh High Boots (they desreve capitalise-ing!) since Rumi of Fashion Toast posted about the ones she is selling, which i love, i am obsessed. I really really want some. not Pretty Woman style ones but like the ones on Fashion Toast. (I apologise for not knowing how to link, but there is a link at the top, in the list of blog names, for Fashion Toast) Knowing my luck i will never find any:(

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