Friday, 18 April 2008

Deacon 4 Daks

If what i am reading is correct this current seasons Daks by Giles Deacons Luxury collection will be the last. It's not my favourite collection ever but it was pretty good. Apparetnly they want to concentrate on the ready-to-wear collection. I like a bit of Luxury to look at, not that i ever go anywhere glamorous enough to wear such things, even if i did i'd have to sell something very important to get it. But hey it's nice to look.
Is it just me or do these look quite similar? Top Dress for Daks Luxury collection, Below from previous New Look 'Gold' collection.
On a totally different note i have been getting my daily dose of ebay and came across this Vintage Lace Skirt that i love love love. The price at the minute is certainly affordable but it still has 3 days left. We'll see....

OMWord Urban Outfitters is coming to Leeds!!! Oh yeah no more ridiculously pricey train fare to Manchester just for Urban Outfitters. Wooo yeah i'm excited! I don't know when it's opening though... oh well at least it's coming at all!!!


kirsty said...

ooh i especially like the grey dress with the ruffle skirt. i do wish i went to nicer places so i could get properly dressed up every once in a while.
ah i love urban outfitters, apparently if you work there you get a 75% staff discount!! craziness.
yes keith murray is just gorgeous! i now have a rather large poster of him on my wall, aahhhhhhh. thank you for complimenting my music taste, loads of my friends think it's rubbish haha.

parmaviolet said...

That first dress in the first dress is gorgeous i think!

Ive never been in an urban outfitters in my life. None even within a suitable radius..or even in east anglia. Your so lucky!

decadentdiamond said...

That vintage lace skirt is beautiful!!!!!! Although as I am quite petite, I think I'd be tempted to make it shorter!!

... also, unfortunately, episode two of pushing daisies is getting cut off, I read it on the bbc news website! .. I'm going to have to find it on youtube or something..

Benedicte said...

Ooh, like the last skirt and dotted dress!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I adore the dress in the fouth picture I wish it was mine! Sad that it's the last collection. That lace skirt is gorgeous what a find!

Wish urban outfitters would open in my city, you are so lucky!

Jello on Springs said...

I love the grey dress with the ruffled bottom a whole lot.