Tuesday, 1 April 2008

A day of ebay and fash in the attic

Oh dear. I have just referenced daytime TV. Shame on me.


Would someone please give this a good home!!! Very Miu Miu, no? I have no occasion to wear it and its not my size but its so pretty!
I have been searching on ebay for a good few hours. There's some treasures out there kids but I prefer to buy stuff where I can actually try it on so I know its good.

And now some denim related news. I have had strong desires for high waisted denim shorts, the type seen on Nicole Richie and Chloe Sevigny. Kind of mom jean-ish. Apparently I have had some kind of memory failure as a month or two ago I had come across some of my mum's old jeans that she had cut into knee length shorts. maybe it was subconscious that I had been desiring them, who knows.
So today they drifted back into my mind and I went and found them. Cut them up. And Bob, he is my uncle, high waisted denim shorts!
So now, before:

And after:
I don't know if they're so bad they're good. Help please. Are they socially acceptale?? If you hate them do let me know, its good to have a range of opinions I find. And no doubt most people on the street will hate them so it will build me up a nice little barrier if I ever choose to wear them.


maveri_ck<3 said...

hmm i think youre shorts look nice in the 2nd picture.. the angle in the third is weird. but i believe you can pull it off- i wonder what it would look like with you folded it up from the part you cut.. i think if you match it with some nice pumps itll look nice possibly?

Kool Thing said...

I think you should rock them cut all the way up to your bum! The high waist with make them demure(ish)!

Molly :] said...

Wow.. i like the shorts, but i agree with kool thing- i think a bit shorter would do the trick! :) x

emsie said...

the dress is absolutely beautiful; love it.

& the shorts are really cool too

Urban Audrey said...

I think the shorts would look better either cuffed or really frayed at the bottom.

p.s. that dress is quite lovely

indie said...

Hehe love them!

indie said...
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Fleurr De Lux said...

The shorts are badass.
The dress made me swoon.