Monday, 14 April 2008

Spring and such

Lately I have been channeling spring and that meant that I have not always been dressing appropriately. So today I was happy to see the sun. However i was not happy to see that Pammy was taken ill as she missed one joyous psychology lesson (and I'm a little jealous she got to stay wrapped in a duvet).
As i was feeling all springy I couldn't help but wear my floral dress from Zara, which I seem to have been drawn to a few times in the past weeks. I also wore a dress us three found hiding in a charity shop for £1, a bargain if i ever did see one! The zara dress is rolled up slightly so that you can see the blue charity shop dress, then i just put on some dove grey tights and ankle boots! It seemed to confuse a few people that I could actually be wearing two dresses at one time, but the fact they want to wear uggs confuses me.

Anyway I can't put off doing my sociology any longer.


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Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

spring is in the air
you are right!
I saw the sun today too and it was glorious.
Love your outfit!
always jealous when I have to work and people get to stay home cozy.