Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Internet shopping how you torture me!

For a while I have wanted a Brownies t-shirt, not the new ones though! The old kind one i used to wear in my days of learning to sew, bake and care for others! My little sash was full of so many badges! I went on ebay, after finally setting up an account and I managed to find a Brownies top, not only in my size but in my very limited price range, with only 30mins left to bid! Of course I had only just set up my Ebay account and hadn't realised that setting up my paypal account would take a long time indeed, 7-9 days to be exact!Susan was trying to help me while she was on the phone but as I'm useless I lost out! and now I can't find one!

Then yesturday I was browsing the Topshop website. I should not do that.

I saw this again.

Everytime I see it I convince myself I need it. And my good friend Miss A was not helping. Even at £45 she was trying to convince me it was neccesary to get it. She can be the devil. I may have to wait for the sale!
I also saw this in the last chance to buy section, I like it but they don't have my size and I don't have the money!


Adele said...

oh its a shame you missed out on the Brownies top lol i used to have one but i dont think it was like that because it was about 10 years ago.... i love the skirt in the last photo!! =]

diamondcanopy said...

No worries about the brownies tee, it will pop up again. I like that skirt too, shame it wasn't in your size!

the iron chic said...

I really wish I still had my Brownie uniform.
I did it all man-had all the badges...what was with that psychedelic mushroom stuff though?