Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Brownies and bubble blowing.

On Saturday Pammy and I went to Manchester to do some shopping! It was quite last minute, in fact I somehow managed to get ready to go in about ten minutes, but I'm a very glad i went as I found some good stuff.
We started off in Pop, where I found this 50's housewife type skirt, once again its floral!
I finally found a Brownies t-shirt and in the same vintage shop Pammy found a leather skirt, both these items each of us have wanted for some time now. And I like Topshop, but I like it even better when there is a sale as the normally unaffordable becomes semi affordable and I get a little happy! I found these jeans with zip detail, and at half price I thought it would be silly to not get them, seen as they were the only pair left and they were the perfect size! I also found this t-shirt, which reminds me of when I was a child and we did bubble blowing to create "art".
A few days before our little trip to Manchester Pammy, Susan and I went into town for a spot of charity shop shopping where I found this skirt, which I shall wear as a dress as I am not the size of a 11 year old!
So much for me not shopping for a while!
Sorry the photos are a bit dodgy!


Winn said...

Fantastic buys! glad you found a brownies tee!

Nico. said...

I remember brownies. that t-shirt is fantastic. Great finds.

Ana said...

Those jeans are fabulous!!!

Ana said...

Those jeans are fabulous!!!

Sheryl Wong said...

the pink/purplish top looks fantastic!

yiqin; said...

I agree, Topshop is usually not affordable for me as well! Even wit sale, I usually cannot afford their stuffs! Anyway, I love the skirt! Florals are perfect.