Monday, 14 April 2008

Disco Disco

We are now three, it's very exciting stuff! The 3 of us went out for a friends birthday meal on saturday night and this is what i wore. Jacket On. Jacket Off.

Dress - Charity Shop, Cardigan - Men's Primark, Boots - New Look, Socks - M&S, Necklaces - Miss Selfridge, Vintage and New Look.

I bought this dress the other week in a charity shop in Leeds, at the same trip i also bought a white dress from H&M. I had an outfit planned for college today including said dress but unfortunately illness has taken me down, rugby tackled me to the sofa all day in fact, so i was unable to wear it today. It had a trim around the bottom but i unpicked it last night, i'm not one for the added bit on the end of items i prefer straight lines and this trim was all sticky outy and not correct. I just need to hem the dress now and then i will most certainly be wearing it alot, it'll probably take me a while to bother getting the sewing machine out so for now i'll just wear a skirt over the top!

I love cheap charity shop finds, the dress i'm wearing in the photo only cost £5. Finds like this are the best.

I also found some victorian style vintage boots on ebay that i've fallen head over heels for. Unfortunately they were going for like £30 and now they have gone forever. I will remember them always...

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lara said...

Don't worry, because of the shoes, I'M sure you will find some other ones soon :)