Friday, 11 April 2008

Lu Kun

Is a designer based in Shang-hai, China. I heard about him a couple of weeks ago on the ever cheesy but excellent America's Next Top Model. I am probably really behind and everyones already heard of him but what you gonna do. So i googled his name a few days ago and could only find photos of his last year collection. Its pretty alright, me thinks, nothing special. Quite oddly there were two random dresses at the end of the photos that do not fit with the rest at all. but they are most definitely designed by him. How odd!

Sorry the pictures are blurred and small.
Some of the stuff was frankly hideous but some was ok. A bit of a variety. I am wondering what you think? Be aware i selected the best of the bunch here, this is a mere sample.

I got all the images off , i'm afraid i am useless and don't know how to link. sorry.

Thankyou for all the lovely comments, they are always greatly received!


ROBOTS said...

fashion amazing.

Secretista said...

Yea, he's from the US last season of ANTM. I love your song. M.I.A's album is UHmazing. I wish she'd perform more in the US. I wonder if there will ever be a China Fashion Week. Or is ther and I just don't know about it?

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

the designs are ok..plain!

lara said...

Like you said, it's nothing relly special... ok :)

e.jay said...

I think the gold dress kind of stands out, and I do like the structure of the coat/dress in the middle of the top row...I would even wear the dress on the top right if I thrifted it (not for designer prices thank-you-very-much).

emsie said...

A few of the pieces are quite nice.

Yes I head that too about Skins. I think effy is staying though, but it's the next bunch of six formers.