Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Gladiators. Are you ready?

I'm not sure that i have mentally prepared myself for it being brought back, it's only been 8 years since it was cancelled. Sky One are resurrecting the UK version and it'll be back this May. If you're not familiar with it, it's basically a programme about testing how strong and fit you are. Members of the public volunteer to go head to head with the professional Gladiators to see if they can get to the final and win some money. It's the cheesiest thing you will ever see. It went off air in 2000, probably because of all the steroid abuse. But it's back this spring with new hosts Kirsty Gallacher and Ian Wright. Don't worry now it'll be the same referee John Anderson, he's still going strong!

'Oh dear oh dear' I say. It'll be one of the programmes that i know i'll end up getting hooked to. To be fair i grew up watching it on a saturday tea time along with It's a Knockout! Oh the nineties. I'm rather intrigued to see what they'll do with it actually. Though i'm reluctant to watch it due to the overload of lyrca all in ones. There are American and Australian versions of the shows that are still running, i can't say i've ever caught either of them.

Speaking of TV, did anyone see the first episode of the new show Pushing Daisies. It's on ITV in Britain. Everyone i asked today hadn't watched it. I really wanted to discuss it with someone because i think it's going to be very enjoyable. I think Anna Friel is stunning, a good actress and wears some really stylish clothes in it.

Also the shows about a pie maker so it's bound to be good. What particularly impressed me though was how they, sort of, stylised it. I don't this is the correct word for what i'm trying to describe hmm. there was a kind of cartoony magical colourful effect going on. Well you'll just have to watch it to find out what i mean!


kirsty said...

yes i watched pushing daisies! and no one i knew had watched it either, so annoying when i want to discuss it with someone (i like talking about tv, i watch it way too much). i know what you mean about it being stylised, kind of like tim burton style. i like it. it seems quite innocent but at the same time is all about murder, excellent.

i also wish i had sky so i could watch gladiators! i'm really intrigued as to what they have done with it, as i used to LOVE it.

liking your blog btw, i only just stumbled across it. x

The Fashion Assistant and her Camera said...

looking forward to watching their 1st episode.


diamondcanopy said...

Haha, gladiators will be fantastic!