Monday, 31 March 2008

Teeny Tiny Skirt Problem

I've had this skirt for about 5 years now. I still love it but it's sooo small i don't feel comfortable wearing it on it's own. It's made out of cotton and elastane so it's stretchy, which is why it still fits. I used to wear it with just tights but now i'm slightly bigger and simply couldn't get away with doing so. Also the darned easter holidays have meant i've put on alot of chocolate weight on the old belly.

Sooo if anyone has any suggestion as to how to wear the skirt they would be greatly received. I realise it's a floral tiered skirt and can't be that hard to wear but i'm finding it very difficult indeed. Please try and help. Thanks very much!


Ana said...

I would wear it with a black and white graphic or band tee,black tights,and lace up boots so its not as overly girly.

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Anouk said...

You could try to find some fabric in the same shade of red and sew another tier in to lengthen it? Or if not red then white is a safe bet, or the yellow or green.
I have the same problem of still fitting into things that are no longer appropriate to wear! It's awful! :)

coco said...

You could wear a longer skirt under it
Look at Miu Miu's collections
they do skirts like that!

e.jay said...

I love the idea coco has! I also agree about some basic black tights being an alternative.