Friday, 29 February 2008

It was a mistake.

It was a huge mistake to visit the topshop website this evening. What a fool i was. A 'fool of a took', you might say. Ahhh ye good old Lord of the Rings references. I have no money as usually. This problem is becoming extremely tiresome, i think someone should just give me some money already! Now that would be nice! Anyway, I try to avoid topshop at a ll costs because its not within my price range at the moment and the niceness of the clothing just rubs this in my face. Stupidly i visited the website anyway. And am now lusting after many of their items. For Example:

Is it just me or would the last three items look really good together? Who knows! Oh i want them all, even the hotpants. I know i previously said i don't wear short shorts but i think its the teal thats drawn me towards them. I loooove the jeans, i always think 'Ooo those jeans would look great with this outfit (Sob Sob)'.

I seem to have a pattern of a going on the topshop website every month and compileing a giant list of things i want but cannot have. Maybe i should stop this.

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discothequechic said...

ohh I suffer from the exact same problem, and it is always with Topshop!

As a result, while I've been attempting you keep my spending down, I've avoided the shop at all, ahem, costs.

But have you seen the designer collections. eeee, my willpower is being tested!

Very good point about the Colleen similarities, I would never have spotted it, but it;s very clear now.