Friday, 29 February 2008

Hoorah! a full week of narcissism!

That's it, I have showcased a full college week's worth of outfits. By the way I despise myspace with an absolute passion. So why the frickers am I doing a myspace angle here? Just trying to make it all arty and interesting. Failing.

Well I'm a sailor so that's nice. (Otherwise a rather boring outfit, I am wearing a skirt as a top (the grey creation) No florals! though) Sailors wouldn't wear denim though. Imagine the chaffing, wet denim's a bitch.

I'm going to pretend I didn't want these to match up. I blame the damn leap year. I didn't propose to anyone today. I did get a Kinder egg from my drama teacher as she had a go at us yesterday and she felt bad about it. The play we're doing called Kindertransport, you see the amusing egg connection. I play a German mother called Helga and I have to do a German accent. I sometimes can't actually believe the sounds coming out of my mouth and the fact that I'm actually being serious. Honestly I sound ridiculous, I think its a cruel joke as I'm only one of two who have to do the accent. Rude.


Anonymous said...

I so saw that play and I loved it! The mother was so sweet. You'll do great...I promise :)

Andy said...

i love your outfit!