Monday, 18 February 2008

I now shop all the time.

Everywhere we go we manage to turn it into a shopping experience. Even college. And its not like our college is in town, its in a village. Usually we only venture to the co-op in our free periods (which we did today and bought a chocolate cake, 89p I sincerely reccomend it, the swiss roll is lovely too, and the victoria sponge, all under a pound. Yes we have sampled them all.) Anyway today we had 2 hours with nothing to do, work you say? Don't be silly. So off we popped to the village charity shop and my what we did find! All this for £1.45, I think the scarf and belts were 60p each the purse was 25p!! (this does not add up but I got confused)And inside it says Purseonality, I would have bought it just for that! The little old ladies in the shop were excellent and rather amusing. My aim is to befriend them.

I'll tell you it was frickin chilly today and I didn't have a coat, left it in Liverpool at my nan's, fool I am. Sort of went for the grunge look today. Changed my belt when I bought the new one as it looked better, and Pam stole the one I was wearing. Rude.

Haha my room is a bin. Yep.


Wendy said...

I love thrifting, the best activity ever! The purse is adorable.

The Stiletto Effect said...

love that scarf!