Saturday, 2 February 2008

When boy meets girl('s fashion)

The amount of women who fell in love with Balenciaga Fall 2007 I couldn't say, but oh gosh I'm guessing it was a fair few.
But this is rather different.
I'm not sure what I feel towards this. I supose it's quite clever because the look is quite androgynous and I'd never really looked at it that way. Usually when an outfit is straight off the catwalk it loses something. But because, and I'm putting this rather bluntly, he is a man, it sort of works. I think. I just don't know any more. But I think the fact that it has made me see this look in an entirely different way is very interesting.

He is a bit of a fashion victim though, I'll give you that. The bag? and the teddy, now that's just downright creepy. Lose the bag and maybe it would work. maybe.

(picture from Sartorialist on

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