Thursday, 28 February 2008

Razzle Dazzle 'em

Funday Monday! I went out on the old razzle on monday night for like the second time ever, which explains the look of nervousness in my eyes on this photo. I am under 18 you see so very nervous i was but all went fabulously in the end. I went with the two silver legged people above, they decided to go rave, but only on the legs it seems. They literally asked me to come 50 minutes before they were leaving, anddd i needed a shower! T'was a crazy 50 minutes but we got through thank goodness.
My outfit wasn't exactly 'Wow!' but i didn't want to stand out too much because of the nerve factor so i went for black tights, denim shorts (which were short shorts-a scary experience in itself, i never wear short shorts!) and a gold and black sequined top that my Gran gave me a few years back.
And the hair, oh the hair, that is a whole different story. it decided to be the frizziest it has ever been that night, but we attempted to work with it anyway, by plaiting the front and back combing a bit. I actually turned out all right, this photo doesn't exactly support that, but honestly it did. The next day though I saw Susan and friends and they all laughed in my face at my hair as it had grown even more, if possible!
All in all it was a very successful night! Me and Suse shall hopefully be going out at Easter, there's just the ridiculously important question of what to wear? We can't wear anything too special to us as we wouldn't want any ruination going on. We have a few weeks to decide so that should be just about enough time. And we will most definitely informing you of what we end up wearing of course!

Sincere apologies for the hideous photo, i bet your thinking 'How did she get in?' and i would be thinking the same thing! I'm the one in the middle, Sister B on the left and Friend on the right.

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lee jones said...

love the lamé tights.

so sweet.