Monday, 4 February 2008

The oufit I wore today was...

Aah the joys of self timer. The outer pictures were taken in my presently chaotically destroyed kitchen the middle one was taken in my room, which is rather bright and colourful. No wonder I dress in the distinctive, brash hues I do, waking up in a 'Sexy Pink' (thank you Dulux) and lime green room will do that to a girl.
The skirt is actually a dress but its quite girly so I had to tone it down a peg or two as I a rather not girly.
I used to write down what I wore everyday, because I'm a nerd, but I got bored of that. But then I became stressed as I didn't know what I'd worn and when and I couldn't handle it. So now my February resolution is to photgraph my outfit every day. This will hopefully improve my disappointing camera skills in the process. Two birds, one stone kids.
Crikey I need some new skinny jeans check out those saggy knees!

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