Tuesday, 26 February 2008

So its off to the 80's safari kids!

Jacket on: 'You look like you're from the eighties'

Jacket off: 'Are you going on safari?'

I cannot win.

Err I need new curtains.

I'm going to go for a chop. My hair is too much of a hassle, Its been long to a ridiculous extent for nearly 3 years and I'm quite frankly bored. I have faced some adversity though, some people who like hair, mine in particular, are outraged. They want me to let them have it for extensions. Is there a charity I could donate it too? I think this is weird. Pamela is getting a fringe, I have been pestering her like you wouldn't know to get one and finally she had caved.

I'm worried I will feel a sense of loss and nakedness though....I'm thinking shoulder length, more of a side fringe........

Thank you unknown Maison Martin Margiela model with nice hair. The collection was interesting but I feel he didn't push himself as far as he could (god I sound like a school report) but then again maybe it's better that way, not too extravagant, subtley strange. Heckers what do I know.
Entirely unrelated, Paris Hilton is going out with Benji madden, Nicole Richie's husband's brother. I suspect Paris gatecrashed some kind of family picnic and thought she'd have a bit of what Nicole's having, a Madden lad if you will.


Wendy said...

You look cool! The pattern of the shirt is so springy!

the_kitten said...

the overexposure to pink makes me happppy

lee jones said...

woowa! sweet outfit yo!