Friday, 29 February 2008

I like your style

Kerry Washington, though I may be biased as I love Save The Last Dance and Last King of Scotland. I love her bold choices when it comes to colour. I think bright colours look gorgeous with dark skin tones and she picks some lovely frocks. It would be nice if she didn't have a stylist but in this day and age it's highly unlikely. I can't find any pictures of her everyday style, I think she must lead a rather quiet life, well, as quiet as a hollywood actress's life can be.

She's not known as one of the big players when it comes to fashionable A listers but I think she has been seriously overlooked. I've been admiring Kerry Washington since she wore that bright yellow Oscar De La Renta dress, I think it looked a lot better on her curvy, but still rather thin, body than the skinny Natasha Poly who is currently annoying the hell out of me in that god awful Gucci advert. They're not dancing! They're swaying like they're possesed. It's just not right. I enjoy Blondie as much as the next person but the music does not go at all.


discothequechic said...

ohhh, she was in save the last dance!
after really liking some of her outfits in the past, I wondered who she actually was.
This makes sense!

Andy said...