Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Wowzers look at those trousers!

I think I read that in Smash Hits or something in response to Ronan Keatings horrific trousers.

But the aim here is not ridicule my friends, but joy! Everyone has gone dip dye mad it seems, from Flying Saucer's amaaazing dress to Susie Bubble's splendid tights and skirt.

These are joy to my little eyes. Levi's jeans customised for Teen Vogue by Sue Stemp. I need them now. Do I dare make some? I'd have to hunt down some bleached or light grey skinny jeans and then risk ruining them entirely. But isn't fashion all about taking risks. They have grey ones in Primark but they don't always fit well. Well we shall see.

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