Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Sunday Times CD

Todays Sunday Times came with a free CD, The Sunday Playlist - The Ultimate Indie Collection. Half of the songs I'd heard, Half I had not. I have to say i quite enjoyed it. One in particular caught my attention. Lucio Starts Fires - Joe Lean and The Jing Jang Jong. The song is really good and the video is brillliant. i would definitely recommend watching it on youtube now! He flys and everything!
The photo is a still of the video, just look at those stripey trousers. Wowee! They are typically indie dressed but slightly quirkier dressed than skinnys and a white t-shirt.

I'd heard of the band quite some time ago, from some article, but never got round to listening to them. I know a little bit about the actual band members, you may recognise the lead singer, if you watch the video, from The Tudors series on BBC a bit ago. Joe Lean, the singer, is also an actor and he played the musician, ironically. So there you are a little bit of trivia for you.

I'm quite the music lover and like discovering new bands, whether they are new or just new to my ears. But i'm not just an Indie listener, i have quite an eclectic taste me thinks. I love a bit of 60's Soul, Drum and Bass, New Rave, the occasional Rap and very rarely and secretly indulge in a bit of Country now and then, as well as other types of music. i believe all genres of music have a very inspiring sense of style. I may, in fact, listen to my beloved Shania Twain tonight and tomorrow i'll turn up to college in Cowboy boots and Fringing! What an Idea.....I would certainly surprise a few people!

All this inspiration came from a free CD, cheers Sunday Times!

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