Monday, 25 February 2008

I see purple people

The zip was broken on this dress so it was reduced to £2.50, then it turned out it was buy one get one free so Pam got a top so it was £1.50 in the end. Turns out there's a reason people don't buy clothes with broken zips, it was rather difficult to repair. Not that I actually did anything. My friend unpicked it and Pamela sewed up the hole. Turns out I needed the zip though. It's noq quite the squeeze to get on. Let that be a lesson to me.
My friend was also wearing a very similar pair of blue tights today. We keep dressing similarly. Pamela was going to wear blue tights aswell, imagine the horror. Some kind of psychic connection..... about clothes.
Download 'That's Not My Name' by the Ting Tings. NOW NOW NOW! I defy anyone not to love it.


the_kitten said...

ooh! gorgeous! I love this outfit!

discothequechic said...

Ha, well I say if you really like the dress £1.50 is certainly no hardship, zip or no zip!

it's certainly very pretty in this picture.

oh, the ting tings, it's Great DJ for me!

Wendy said...

Its still worth it because its a really cute dress!

lee jones said...

the blue belt makes this outfit so amazing.

electric blue always seems to do that.
sweet blog!