Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I've never been so drawn to grey.

Balenciaga has arrived! This is the one I was looking forward to, the big one you might say. I think its more of a grower this one, like the S/S collection was. He likes his structure does old Nicholas. I love how you can always see how he has developed his ideas, you can see how he has really thought about shape and pattern and mixed them up in new exciting ways. I could go a bit over the top but seriously, it makes me happy. Look at the different patterns, how they are placed on the body and how the shapes of the material restucture the figure. His creativity makes my brain happy.

And Viktor and Rolf. I've never looked in detail at their collections, I like how they make unusual and interesting choices but there fondness for monochrome makes my brain switch off, though to be honest it doesn't take much. But I'm highly intrigued by this collection. Just say NO kids...

It's all about composition. Often it's how outfits are put together rather than actual pieces, but if the styling, ideas and amazing pieces are all there. Well, I shan't be complaining.

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discothequechic said...

those Viktor and Rolf pieces, oh, it's love!