Saturday, 16 February 2008

Off Target

I genuinely gasped at the photos of Jovovich-Hawk's new collection, look at the size of their legs! Just skin and bones. I'm quite surprised to see still so many photos of underweight models on the catwalks and such, after all the push against anorexia in the industry nothing seems to have changed. I'm especially disappointed in Milla and Carmen, who are both former models, for reinforcing such behaviour. Tut tut.

The collecton wasn't great either, rather dull if you ask me, there collections usually are. There's the occasional nice piece and it's wearable unlike most. I see why its so dull and wearable though, apparently they have just joined a number of other designers who design for Target's Go International project - their stuff will be available in stores early next month. Who knows if Target stuff is available for me to purchase, can't say i'm that fussed if this is what their clothes are going to look like. You can see the full collection at

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Wendy said...

I saw some of the clothes in their Target branch in photos, I'm not too keen. And the models are scarily thin.