Monday, 18 February 2008

Liverpudlian Purchases

Over the half term holidays myself, Suse and a friend went on a shopping trip to Liverpool for a few days. Here is what we bought...

Picture 1 - Top-Primark, Belt-H&M, Skirt-Charity Shop, Tights-Primark, Necklace-part of a costume jewellery set

Picture 2 - Top-Ralph Lauren, High waisted jeans-Primark, Various Bangles-Miss Selfridges, primark and H&M

Picture 3 - Black Dress-H&M, this picture doesn't really display the splendour that is this dress very well, it's a halterneck, which i don't usually go for, a very low scooped back and massively wide with pockets. It's quite ironic that i went to see Juno in this as i could easily hide a pregnancy in it!

Picture 4 - Denim jacket - Charity Shop, Floral Dress - Warehouse, Tights-Primark

Picture 5 - Dress-Zara, Tights-Oasis, Under T-shirt-Primark

Picture 6 - T-shirt-Zara, Playsuit-Oasis, Tights-as before

Picture 7 - Shirt-Charity Shop, Skirt-Primark, Tights-Primark

Picture 8 - Cardigan-Primark, Shirt-H&M, Skirt-Mexx

Picture 9 - Top-Pop, Shorts-Gap, Tights-Primark

Click to enlarge if you'd like. i'm not so good at the whole putting our own pictures on the blog sorry.

I'm the one will the red hair, suse has brown hair. I'm also the one in the photo where the person is wearing green tights, i don't know why but you can't see my hair on that one. Personally I didn't put outfits together on the photos and probably won't where them like this. The shoes are also my purchase. We got some right bargains while we were there and i definitely want to go back someday reasonably soon.

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