Sunday, 2 March 2008

McQueen and the Queens

I've always admired Alexander McQueen from an artistic, yet unwearable, point of view but this collection is BEAUTIFUL. And I don't use that word. I would gladly wear it all, every day, for ever. This is what all royal people should wear. He's mixed so many time periods and cultures and come up with some amazing, beautiful and original designs.

Since I was a young one I was amazed by extravagant dresses. The whole idea that women wore these amazing dresses was unfathomably excellent. I loved the massive skirts, tiny waists and the painstaking detail of the fabrics and embroidery.

I reckon I was 17th century aristocracy in a past life. Quite a step down to shopping in Primark and living in a certain Yorkshire town.

This kind of stuff makes me want to be a costume designer, or just really rich and then I can just wear these dresses and everyone will think I'm a bit wierd but it's ok because I'm loaded and eccentric. Oh if only.

The closest I'm going to get right now is this underskirt from some bridesmaid dress. My mum found it in the attic when she was searching for fancy dress items. Seriously you don't want to know.

Just add Pamela's Ralph Lauren Top and that's an outfit worthy of royalty, right there.
Speaking of random stuff I have found, look what some lovely youths kindly threw into my garden:
That's going on my wall. All Pamela got was a sandbag.

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Wendy said...

His collection is so glamorous! You've inspired me to try to recreate for myself the air of royalty.