Saturday, 22 March 2008


I cannot wait for the film release of Mamma Mia! this july. I saw the advert for it when we went to see Sweeney Todd and oh how i excited i am. It's got an amazing cast including Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth.
I love musicals. The oufitry is always so outrageous and flamboyant, not particulary nice though. (for example the top on the right of the picture, i couldn't tell you what's going on there.) Musicals are upbeat, not so much Sweeney Todd, and how i love to sing-a-along (you're very lucky you don't have to listen to me, i wasn't exactly blessed with a beautiful voice).
I am very excited especially as Dominic Cooper will be playing the Bridegroom. He's in Starter for 10 and History Boys. There's something about him that i like, i really hope he sings in the film t'would be amusing.
I love a bit of cheesiness i do. Susan says i ' have no shame'. She's probably right. Because i also love Abba's music. I said in my profile that i like any music i can dance to and Abba are the rulers of the dancefloors. As much as i love their music, i can't say much for their outfit choices. Regularly sporting all matching costumes, i can't say i'm a fan of that look. In fact i hate to match, especially with other people, unless it's fancy dress and your going as Abba, it should not be allowed.

Oh my there were some disasters.


Susan said...

You have no shame. Let it be known I in no way endorse this.

Teresa said...

I also love how Amanda Seyfried from Mean Girls plays the main character. Can't wait...