Friday, 7 March 2008

Rush Hour Soul

I'm going to have to be very brief today sorry, though you may be glad of this! Here is what i wore today. Also sorry i couldn't picturise my outfit yesterday myself and susan dyed a load of things and paint splattered a t-shirt so i had no time! Susan will probably post about this in then ear future.
Jeans - New Look, Skirt - Vintage, Belt - Vintage, Girl T-shirt - Urban Outfitters, Lace Top - Topshop, Green under T-shirt - Zara, Cardigan - Zara.
I rather enjoy the many colours of my outfit today, it has to be said. I do like a bit of green with my red hair though!
I must insist that you download Trash by The Whip, absolutely immense song, it's reasonably old but my favourite song at the moment. Rave away....


Wendy said...

The Girl tshirt is so cool!

Aisha said...

Lovely outfit, specially the shirt, and the chain belt, both totally make the outfit. I bet you red hair looks amazing with the green cardigan :)

Hope Susan posts soon too, she left a lovely comment at my site which i was very pleased to read!