Monday, 17 March 2008

Go dye

Good god the ice cream van has just come down our road. The sky is grey! Who needs icy snacks in this weather?? That van is responsible for my childhood obestity. No lie.

Longo's? I really do not know what to say.

Anyway that was entirely irrelevant. This post has been a long time in the pipeline as I have so many frickin folders I couldn't remeber where I put the photos. Me and Pamela decided it was high time we did a bit of customization and stuff. It was our friend's birthday the other week (she is the third musketeer as it were) and I thought dip-dying her some tights would be a good idea as she saw and loved them. Flying Saucer was my main source of inspiration. As it was it didn't go all to well and I dyed my central finger and tip of my thumb. This could only happen to me. I wore gloves! How did I just dye one finger? No one will ever know. I have all the luck.

Check out our bitchin high-tec equipment.

It is a fair assessment to say we got carried away. I started with the tights, then the tshirt then I went and got my skirt. Then the paint splashing.

Oh how I love irony. The thing we set out to do in the first place didn't actually work. I was going to post a picture of the tights but they literally have not changed. They are the Topshop dove grey ones, and dove grey they remain. It's stupid, they look dyed in the picture but when they dried it all went a bit wrong.

The skirt is a bit liney but you can't tell that much. The success of the day was the tshirts. My friend asked if I did it myself because you don't see much tie-dye in the shops. Well well my dear you will soon. By this I don't mean I will be selling it.

I do recommend paint splashing as a stress reliever, the action with the arm is hilarious. Jackson Pollock must have been an angry man with good upper body strength.

Thus concludes me and Pamela's foray into dying and such. Some good times, some bad. The paint splashed top can be seen in my little photoshoot, I'm worried about wearing it out as it sort of looks like I do art and do not wash my clothes, which is partially true. The bit about doing art, I'm not a binner.
Skins tonight kids.


selinaoolala said...

paint splashes eh... genius!... i will use you as inspiration too in a possible splashing attack soon, although i'm not sure where i would do it!

a side order of style said...

1) icecream trucks are awesome!
2) tie-dying is hard already, but i`ve tried to tie-dye with little children. that`s worse.
3) both tops look really good. maybe it`s just because i like artsy-farsty stuff, but i really like the splattered one.
4) i love the high-tech equipment :b

thanks for commenting on my blog-post on our blog. mind if we link you?

Kool Thing said...

When I come home from college, I am either covered in paint/chalk/charcoal, or hundreds of little bits of thread! I wasn't into the last episode of Skins. Too trippy, and the sex scene, while sexy, made me feel shit about my body! Ha!

Wendy said...

Sounds like a really great DIY project to do with friends.