Monday, 17 March 2008

Country Bumpkin

Bumpkin actually means a country person regarded as unsophisticated. I mean the opposite of the meaning of that word in this post, but i liked the word too much to not use it.

Anyhow....I went for a nice country walk yesterday afternoon, just before dinner i set off, with my Mother and my dog, headed for my Grandma's two villages away. This sounds unreal but it's true! I live in 2008 but sound like i come from Jane Austen's time. We live in a prime location do me and Suse when i think about it, it's less than an hour to Sheffield and Leeds, and just over an hour to Manchester. Yet 10 minutes down the pathes you find yourself in the true countryside. Cows a-mooing. Sheep a-baaing. It's rather picturesque once you get away from all the built up estates.

This got me thinking about country attire. What i went walking in was just my wellies (t'was ridiculously muddy), lots of jumpers, coat, jeans, no make up and natural hair (which is truly a sight for sore eyes, Susan can back me up on that one for sure!). I love traditional country wear, lots of browns and autumny colours spring to mind when i think of this. A lot of A/W '08 collections were very country-ish.

This Hermes collection, personally, i didn't find that great but this particular items are very countryside. I do however love the skirt on the far right, though not as much as the one below, which i long for. Just so i can run through some meadows, kicking leaves into the air in the autumn (obviously i would pull it up, so not to ruin the beauty).

My absolute favourite collection from all the A/W '08 ones has to be Peter Jensen. I truly adore it. There is a bit of a country thing going on with it as well. Oh it's simply wonderful, the brightly coloured footwear and socks, the bright colours in generally that aren't matchy matchy.....j'adore!

'Why oh why sooo small?!' I wail.
Me and Susan must start a local exploration in the easter holidays, we need to appreciate our surroundings more i have decided. It's a lovely place. i may dress up fancy and go onto the moors. Singing, of course, Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights. 'Heathcliff, it's me, your Cathy. I've come home.' Yeah.


saray said...

ohh it's sounds like alot of fun,
going to a country walk..

Susan said...

How annoying of me to comment here, but I felt I had to. I giggled something chronic at this. Its strange how I have thought about wandering the moors of s****** while dressed fancy too. I pictured summery attire but I'm enojoying the autunmnal theme. We shall try this. With a picnic of course.

Kool Thing said...

I like the fox sweater! It's kinda like something Natasha Khan would wear! That new Flake advert with Joss Stone makes me want to die!

maveri_ck<3 said...

i love your post on that van that is "responsible for your childhood obesity" haha it really made me laugh!