Thursday, 20 March 2008

An ode to Pam.

There are two people in this blog. That should also mean there are also two wardrobes, but in essense there is only one. I make it regular feature to borrow some of Pam's lovely garments and vice versa. This week I went a bit crazy. I went over on saturday and borrowed a small pile, though admittedly it made barely a dent to her packed wardrobe. The items were ones that she doesn' wear that often, sometimes because they are difficult to wear. I like a challenge. Well, one I can do.

The results of this wardrobe raiding lead to a week's worth of wearing Pam's clothes. Here goes!


Thursday:And there we have it. The weekly roundup. An outfit overview you might say. The weather has been a bitch this week at times but my legs have braved it. Though today I wore two pairs of tights but that was more for effect. My lovely black and white stripy ones from Primark can look a bit rag-dollish so I tones them down by wearing black sheer ones over the top. Crazy.
A bit of a rant now. Me and pam contribute to the new college newspaper, which is admittedly is a little bit shit. We did a 'streetstyle' type thing, taking pictures of stylish people at college, asked them where they got stuff, favourite shop and their style inspiration. The fricking editing people decided to put 'Our resident fashion experts' followed by our names. There are several problems with this:
1. It makes us look like twats because it looks like we called ourselves this.
2. Even if this was meant to be humourous it was most likely in a sarcastic way.
3. We overheard some very derrogatory comments about US being fashion experts. Though one of these was from someone entirely not to be taken seriously, we also heard her say 'Uggs are the future.' Yep. And she wants to be a fashion designer. Err good luck with that one.
Basically, we know our choice of clothing is derided highly by many of our peers, but mostly we do not care. This leads me to think maybe I do it because of this, not in spite of it. I don't particularly think I make a conscious effort be different, it just happens. Me and Pam often question whether we would still dress this way and be interested in fashion if we didn't know each other, or weren't as close. We think we would. Any negative comments we receive just amuse us and one nice comment makes up for a ton of dirty looks. But why should we have to put up with it. Why are some people so afraid to be different? What if I actually stopped and said 'Yeah I am wearing red tights, what of it? what about them is so disturbing to you that makes you feel the need to yell at me? hmm'. Well actually no ones ever yelled at me personally, just quiet comments passing by, but you see where I'm going here.
The most easy conclusion to come to here is that some people are knobheads. But as much as it can make me insecure I wouldn't change myself for a quiet life. I sometimes feel like a big fish in a little pond, but I don't think it's just yorkshire, we can never escape from the negativity, so why try. Yes it takes me a while to get ready, and yes I actually make an effort for college but why shouldn't I? I dress for myself, I enjoy wearing nice outfits and putting them together. Why wear jeans and tshirt, why be boring at a time when you're supposed to experiment with clothes? I don't care what other people wear, unless its awesome, so why should what I wear offend them so?
Sorry for the "teenage" stress here but I just needed it. If you stayed tuned, thank
you and congratulations for having the patience!


Kool Thing said...

Don't worry about any of that stuff. Those people don't know any better and probably never will.

Deer Audrey said...

Your daily choices are very cute, and don't worry because a blog after all is for venting:]

Kool Thing said...

It was probably was filmed in Center Parcs! I should investigate that and amaze people with my useless fact! the purple-with-brown-belt look is very cute, especially the tights! Have a lovely weekend! Yay for Easter break!

maveri_ck<3 said...

hmm i read your entire #3 and i agree with alot of it. I also wanted to say that i love those outfits, i think its so funny that they are your friends- i would totally wear those even if it was worth the challenge getting into! haha- your outfits look effortless and amazing :)

Pamela said...

Whoo yeh! Power to the people Sister Suse! Haaarp.

selinaoolala said...

i felt like this too when i won an award a while ago and put a hideous picture in like 5 newspapers with lame titles like 'selina tells competition to blog off'. blog off?! seriously embarrassing. but i think your outfits are great, i love the way you put sheer tights over some striped ones, i'm so going to try that! and no matter what people say, just carry on showing them that you ARE fashion experts, don't listen to word that someone says who believes uggs are the future?!?! the future of demise maybe