Wednesday, 26 March 2008

On the Wall, Not Off it.

I re-did my bedroom walls the other day. I took down all the thousands of magazine cuttings and flyers that you get given at gigs as i decided i needed to refresh. It was becoming a haven for crap that i had no idea where it came from or what it was advertising. When i'd stripped them bare my tiny room looked like a prison cell, not quite but it felt very weird. Underneath all the posters my walls are a pistachio green colour. I don't even like pistachios.
I have decided to have my biggest wall dedicated to fashiony things, one wall for gigs tickets and signed things and the other for random shizzle like stuff that friends have drawn and funny stuff. I do have a fourth wall but that's employed by my wardrobe, chalkboard and a few canvas' i bought in France.
Anyhow these are a couple of my favourite images from my 'fashiony' wall.

This woman, whoever she may be, looks soo cool. Just effortless. It was on a page in the new H&M magazine. i wish i could look so cool in such an outfit.

The composition of these two images is quite clever, if i do say so myself. I honestly didn't realise what i'd done until a day or so after i put them up. You can think of your own caption for this one. They're two seperate images form two totally different magazines, one is a recent one, the other is a few years old. They were made for each other i reckon.


Katie Rosemary said...

Shocked model:"Oh spikey heels/flowing fabric/teetering boxes do not a good combination maketh! Let us flee!"
Stoned model: "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
I need to redo my walls too... half of my cuttings have fallen off now!

parmaviolet said...

I keep intending to cover my walls in stuff like this! but never get round to it as it all fall soff anyway. My friends room is covered entirely apart from thr ceiling with posters, and pages from magazines and gig tickets and photos. Id lov that! looks like im goign to be ripping up any of the few magazines i own.