Friday, 28 March 2008

Lead me into temptation

I want blue hair. The reasons why this is not a good idea are threefold:

1. I would have to bleach it first, I've tried this before and it went the colour of a solero ice cream.
2. I would stand out more and would clash (actually who am I kidding, I live to clash)
3. ROOTS! again with the attempted blonde situation, dark brown roots did not create an 'interesting' effect, I looked a fool! and my hair grows about an inch a week.

But I want to cast these doubts aside and throw caution to the wind when I see pictures like this!
(photo from Numero September 2007)

Then I saw this post on hannah couture. Another thing that I had been considering, damn olsen twins and trendy face hunter hipsters, is a fur coat. I was unsure but now I'll be dreaming of them. Charity shops watch out, here I come! (Photo from Vogue Nippon, October 2007)


Kool Thing said...

I'm so into the Margot Tenenbaum fur coat look - it's like her second skin. Things like that are wear-for-lifers.

alluretone said...

i wish i could pull off blue hair. it's been on the back of my mind, but i don't have the guts.. but i have a feeling i will someday do it. :) you should do it and show us the results!

Saltar o quedar ? said...

Me encanto el blog, los lunares del fondo, y el banner recopilado :)

Wendy said...

Blue hair would be the coolest color, wish more people would dye their hair.

Aisha said...

Maybe a wig would do better?
Blue hair can look lovely sometimes, like it looks on the girl on the picture you showed us :)

parmaviolet said...

ive wanted blue hair for ages, but yeh its the problem of bleaching it. My hair is naturally almost black aswell so a big leap! pls the fact my parents would disown me.

my theory is once my exams are over im going to use blue hair dye over my natural hair so its a blue tint atleast and then see about full on blue.

e.jay said...

I thought blue streaks for me maybe, but not totally blue! I think it'd wreak total havoc on my complexion and I would look sad and a black girl. Yeah, it's possible. But, it still looks very cool. Oh, and yes, I saw those GQ images of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the enviably gorge Claudia Schiffer! I wish I was in her fetish shoes hahaha!

Anouk said...

Definitely try ebay! It sounds ridiculous, but I've seen tonnes of good-quality fur coats on there for very cheap.