Sunday, 30 March 2008

Soft Rock Star

Emily Haines is so cool. Her style isn't amazingly interesting. But she makes up for this with coolness.

We saw Metric a couple of years back in November '06. She was wearing, i seem to remember, a grey glittery all in one. T'was so amazing. She just stud on the edge of the stage, kind of leaning out into the crowd, for like ten minutes with everyone grabbing her legs and stuff. While the rest of the band carried on playing.
I still really like their music even after three years. They're currently, i believe, touring America and Canada. As well as being in Metric she also does some solo stuff with Soft Skeleton. It's darker than Metric stuff but still good. If you haven't already got some of their music i would highly recommend them.
I also slightly want her hair!
This photo was taken by Chris Strong for Dazed and Confused magazine in 2006. His photography is pretty good, the lightings nice.


e.jay said...

I don't know Emily Haines or Metric, but I am definitely intrigued. She looks so "I'm-so-naturally-cool-I-can-throw-anything-on-and-look-totally-great".

Katie Rosemary said...

Oh I love Metric... though I haven't listened to them for rather a while now (might have to crank up dead disco now actually and have a dance around!)
Emily is effortlessly cool and beautiful... ergo I should hate her... but she's so charismatic I don't think it's possible!

parmaviolet said...

I absolutely adore metric and was literally just contemplating blogging about her in my blog just now! She just ooozes cool. Im so jealous you got to see them live. But what with the post about the blue hair (another one i had been intending to post about at some point) its scary.

And didnt you say youd been discussing school resses at some point :o

Kool Thing said...

I love her! She's really beautiful and has such a pretty voice.

annah said...

I saw her live and she was wearing white boots and a black sparkley pair of shorts with a matching halterneck top and she looked

metric (L)

annah said...

+reads your post again+

Queen's College London?

or...perhaps it was a different gig. but i saw her around that time...

1234 said...

i love emily! do you have her album?its quite good. I also saw her with metric last year.

Tasida said...

Great work.